University of Baltimore Stationery System

With the university wide rebrand, one of the elements that needed to be updated by our office was the official stationery. I was put on the task of developing the new stationery that is used campus wide for communications. I got to create the design from scratch using the new elements of our logo and brand identity. Below you will see the final version that I developed for the letterhead, envelope and business cards.  


2018 Maryland Holstein Annual booklet

68 page booklet, 8.5 x 11

The Maryland Holstein Annual is a publication produced every March to announce awards winners, show results and highlights from the past year. The publication is sent out to the members of the Maryland Holstein Association.  This year was the first year I took over the publication as sole editor. I was responsible for collection advertisements from farmers and business to cover the printing cost. I had to design the 68 page publication based on the theme of this years convention, "Excellence Cemented By Tradition". 

Freshmen Recruitment brochure

4 page, 7.5 x 11

This freshmen brochure belongs to a four piece collection of audience-specific brochures (Freshmen, Transfer, Graduate, and International students) that we developed for the Office of Admission. It was a collaboration project between myself and my colleagues. We each had the responsibility of designing one of the audience brochures in a cohesive collection of materials. We worked together to develop a template for the brochures. I then took the lead on developing the freshman brochure.

University of Baltimore Alumni Magazine

UB magazine produced twice a year of the Office of Alumni Relations. I was responsible for art directing photo shoots for magazine articles and then designing the page layout.

Community Development Fellowship Program, University of Baltimore College of Public Affairs

double sided tri-fold brochure, 8.5 x 11

Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences 80th Anniversary  brochure

16 page booklet, 7.25 x 10

A booklet put together as a showcase piece for donors, alumni and the community for the 80th anniversary year of the Yale Gordon School of Arts and Sciences. The piece showcases the progress of the school throughout its 80 years of existence and the impact it has had on the students and faculty.

Special Event poster, University of Baltimore Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics

8.5 x 11 poster


President's Thanksgiving Card

5 x 5, gold foil