Oh Snap!

I noticed that a lot of larger universities are dipping their toes into the snapchat social media platform to promote their college and engage with students. I thought why can't little ole UB give it a try as well. I helped our social media team put together an account and taught them the ins and outs of snapchat. Now that we have an account, I thought we need to get our school a geofilter! Let me tell you, getting snapchat to accept a submitted geofilter is one of the most frustrating and rewarding things ever. On their website they give you a basic run down of guidelines for filters like the size and file type it should be. So you come up with a design and feel great, like hey I'm gonna be creating a snapchat filter! Until 3 days later you submit it, you get a rejection email from the snapchat team. They give you a list of about 6 different reasons on why your filter was not accepted but they don't specify which one applies to your filter!! Therefore it turns into a process of creating many different ideas, submitting, getting rejected, trying to figure out what they don't like, changing something, designing a new idea, submitting, getting rejected and so on. For 3 months I went through the process of submitting and resubmitting about 10 designs until they FINALLY accepted something. And let me tell you, I was beyond excited.  

Then it was easier to know what they were looking for so we were able to get another university geofilter approved with less pain.