Olive some greek food

There are some perks that come with working for a university, the cool things the alumni do! For the upcoming issue of the University of Baltimore Alumni Magazine I got to go photograph Dimitri Komninos's greek store DEVOO. We got to taste some of their homemade olive oil with olives imported right from their family farm, Dimitri Olive Farms, in Greece. For lunch I had the Greek salad with fresh feta cheese and Dimitri Olives. The store had so much character to it with pieces brought here from Greece. Look for the upcoming story about Dimitri in summer issue of the ubalt mag

If you are ever looking for some of the best Olive oil make sure to check out their website to order online or stop into their store front DEVOO located on 1 West Biddle Street, Baltimore, MD. The also sell delicious spinach and cheese pie and deli sandwiches for those lunch time cravings!