Future Dr. Davis


My sister, Elizabeth, will be headed to Kansas City University-College of Osteopathic Medicine this July to begin her time as a medical student. I am so proud of what she has done in the last year preparing and studying for this step in her life. She was actually accepted into 2 doctor of osteopathic (D.O.) programs, KCU and VCOMM-Virigina so she had to make the decision of which school she wanted to attend. When she came to her final decision of KCU, I thought it would be fun to set up a photoshoot for her to make her announcement.

Here’s the the next 4 years! Can’t wait to call you Elizabeth Davis, D.O.


This past weekend I attended the last wedding of my 2018 weddings. It was a beautiful night celebrating friends of mine. The wedding was held at Liberty Mountain Resort just over the Maryland border into Pennsylvania. The bride, Christina, is a huge fan of Christmas so the reception was beautifully decorated for the evening. It’s too bad the weather had been rainy and warm so all the snow was melted off the ski slopes at the resort.

One of my favorite things to do for each wedding I attend is to create an original, hand crafted, meaningful present for the couple. Since Christina loves Christmas, it was easy coming up with the gift for her and Seeley. I created a set of ornaments. One I filled with silver glitter and on the outside painted snowflakes with the date of their wedding. The second, I took their wedding invitation and cut it into strips and curled them up and filled the inside of the ornament. And the third I covered the outside with silver glitter and painted with gold leafing ‘The Seeleys”. Each year when they decorate their Christmas tree they will be reminded of their special day.


Willow the Giraffe

It’s a great day at work when you get the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the Maryland Zoo. Giraffes are my favorite animal so I was excited to get to spend time with this ‘little’ guy, Willow. Willow is the zoo’s newest addition to the giraffe house being born this past spring. I visited Willow shortly after she was born and she sure has grown since then!


The 12 Best Days of Summer

Can’t go wrong with a fair classic, the funnel cake.

Can’t go wrong with a fair classic, the funnel cake.

Each summer I anxiously wait for the 12 best days of summer, otherwise known as the Maryland State Fair. For as long as I can remember, from the last days of August through Labor Day weekend have been spent in the Cow Palace at the Maryland state fairgrounds. From being involved in activities from my youth 4-H days of competing in dairy judging, dairy cattle showing, to still participating in the open dairy show and entering a few pictures in the photography competition, I always look forward to the days of the state fair each year. It is a time to catch up and hang out with friends, eat delicious fried fair food and have the opportunity educate the public on the importance Maryland’s agricultural industry.

This year I had 5 entries in the photography competition but unfortunately no ribbons were won. I also exhibited my red & white Holstein dairy calf whom I own in a partnership with my sister and two of our friends. We got a 5th place ribbon in the fall calf class.

Caviar munching on some hay getting ready for show day

Caviar munching on some hay getting ready for show day

Sunset Beach, NC

I spent the other weekend at my best friend's family beach house in Sunset Beach, NC. Her parents has asked me a couple months ago to come up with a design to paint on a window frame that they had recently installed into their stairway. I came up with the idea to paint a sunset scene since their beach house is in Sunset Beach, NC.

A very rainy day over the weekend and I got to work on the painting. 


Dairy Girl Fitness

A good friend of mine started a fitness instagram account that highlights her workouts, meals and daily life while educating consumers on the importance of including dairy products into your fitness routine. When she asked me to design the logo that would become her brand, I was super excited to be involved in the project. Growing up on a farm, I had been raised my whole life eating dairy products and educated on the importance of milk in your diet. I was pleased that I could be able of her mission to show the general public that dairy isn't a scary thing. Make sure to check out the good work Emily is doing on her instagram, @dairygirlfitness. 

The Final logo for Dairy Girl Fitness

The Final logo for Dairy Girl Fitness

Here are the sketches I presented Emily to choose from for her brand. 

Here are the sketches I presented Emily to choose from for her brand. 

Light City

This past spring was the Light City Baltimore festival. It's a free festival of light, music and innovation put on by Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. There are many exhibits along your way from Harbor East to downtown inner harbor. Lots for the public to look at. And makes for pretty pictures.