Sunset Beach, NC

I spent the other weekend at my best friend's family beach house in Sunset Beach, NC. Her parents has asked me a couple months ago to come up with a design to paint on a window frame that they had recently installed into their stairway. I came up with the idea to paint a sunset scene since their beach house is in Sunset Beach, NC.

A very rainy day over the weekend and I got to work on the painting. 


Dairy Girl Fitness

A good friend of mine started a fitness instagram account that highlights her workouts, meals and daily life while educating consumers on the importance of including dairy products into your fitness routine. When she asked me to design the logo that would become her brand, I was super excited to be involved in the project. Growing up on a farm, I had been raised my whole life eating dairy products and educated on the importance of milk in your diet. I was pleased that I could be able of her mission to show the general public that dairy isn't a scary thing. Make sure to check out the good work Emily is doing on her instagram, @dairygirlfitness. 

 The Final logo for Dairy Girl Fitness

The Final logo for Dairy Girl Fitness

 Here are the sketches I presented Emily to choose from for her brand. 

Here are the sketches I presented Emily to choose from for her brand. 

Light City

This past spring was the Light City Baltimore festival. It's a free festival of light, music and innovation put on by Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts. There are many exhibits along your way from Harbor East to downtown inner harbor. Lots for the public to look at. And makes for pretty pictures. 


Feed Your Dreams

For Cargill's campaign, Feed Your Dreams, they have been using artwork made out of grain, silage, feed etc. for their promotional pieces. To carry on that theme and since Cargill was the sponsor of the Supreme champion award at the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, PA, they had the idea to design their logo in the middle of the show ring.

So that's where I came in. My friend Rebecca who works for Cargill asked me if I thought I could pull off designing the Cargill logo out of sawdust in the show ring. It was definitely a request that I had never had before and I was ready to give the task a try. After a practice round in our barn at home with a pile of sawdust, I felt confident that I could pull it off. Cargill was convinced as well and so the plans were set. 

2 hours after we started, 2 bags of black mulch, 2 cans of green spray paint and I can say that I was extremely pleased at how the logo turned out. I had never done a 3D art piece at that large of a scale before. The logo looked great in the middle of the show ring and it was no question to the audience who the sponsor was for the award!

Thank you to Cargill for trusting me to pull this off and thank you for giving me an art project that I don't typically get to engage in. It was great to create some art away from my computer and get my hands dirty at a cow show!

State Fair ribbons

I entered 5 photographs of mine into competition at the Maryland State Fair. I was excited when I went through the photography exhibit and saw that one of my entries had received a 4th place ribbon. The judges only place 1-4 and an honorable mention so I was pretty excited to be recognized with a 4th place!

Fawnwood Farm

It was a pleasure to work with the Mason's in Chestertown, MD. Valerie reached out to me looking for a farm logo for her family farm, Fawnwood Farm. It took us a few rounds of ideas back and forth but we were finally able to settle on a design that pleased everyone in the Mason family. 

The Masons are so pleased to finally have a logo to represent their farm and animals. The cow is outlined from one of their jerseys, MFW Renegade Baron. In the logo they wanted to represent their farm name as well as their prefix MFW. 

Uniontown Ag Services LLC.

Just finished up my latest logo for a client. He and his father started their own farming services company. From planting seeds, chopping corn, fertilizing fields, they are here to help with your crop needs.

Uniontown Ag Services LLC.

Oh Snap!

I noticed that a lot of larger universities are dipping their toes into the snapchat social media platform to promote their college and engage with students. I thought why can't little ole UB give it a try as well. I helped our social media team put together an account and taught them the ins and outs of snapchat. Now that we have an account, I thought we need to get our school a geofilter! Let me tell you, getting snapchat to accept a submitted geofilter is one of the most frustrating and rewarding things ever. On their website they give you a basic run down of guidelines for filters like the size and file type it should be. So you come up with a design and feel great, like hey I'm gonna be creating a snapchat filter! Until 3 days later you submit it, you get a rejection email from the snapchat team. They give you a list of about 6 different reasons on why your filter was not accepted but they don't specify which one applies to your filter!! Therefore it turns into a process of creating many different ideas, submitting, getting rejected, trying to figure out what they don't like, changing something, designing a new idea, submitting, getting rejected and so on. For 3 months I went through the process of submitting and resubmitting about 10 designs until they FINALLY accepted something. And let me tell you, I was beyond excited.  

Then it was easier to know what they were looking for so we were able to get another university geofilter approved with less pain.